14 Day Love Challenge

Romans 12:10 "Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honour."

14 Day Love Challenge.jpg

Day 1:  End your day by asking God to make you aware of someone who could use encouragement today. When He brings a name to mind sit down and write a text, e-mail, or best of all hand written note and send it off to them.


Day 2: Find something among your possessions that you know someone else would really like and appreciate; and leave it at their door or put it aside to give to them later.


Day 3 (Good Friday): As we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us think of someone working outside the home who  is currently sacrificing their own safety for your sake. It could be a health care worker, a worker in a longer term care home, a first responder, or a grocery store/pharmacy worker. Send them a quick text/email or phone call saying thank you and asking how you can pray for them today and then actually pray.


Day 4: Phone or video call a parent/ child/ that relative whom you rarely speak to, have a real conversation and let them know you love them.


Day 5: Happy Easter: Make or bake something special for your neighbours, decorate it with Easter ‘ribbons and bows’ or put it in an Easter basket and secretly drop it off at their door!


Day 6: Honour some local businesses that you frequent by writing  three positive online reviews.


Day 7: Go through your wardrobe/storage and set aside clothes or other items for donation to a local charity.


Day 8: Order or make a gift for a friend/neighbour/co-worker in isolation; have it dropped off, drop it off for them or let them know that it's on order and it's coming. Let them know that they are thought of and that they aren't alone.


Day 9: Reach out to three people you'd usually talk to at church but haven't talked to since we ceased being able to meet together physically


Day 10: Love your family. Do something kind for every person you live with today (even if they don't deserve it!). If you live on your own think of a couple people who are like family to you and send them a note or give them a call to let them know why they mean so much to you.

Day 11:  Send photos to someone who would really appreciate them - friends, family or neighbours, you'll know who! You could even create an online album of your fun times together, a trip down memory lane.


Day 12: Make a Spotify playlist for, or share an ebook/ audiobook/ podcast/ Ted Talk with, a friend or neighbour in quarantine.


Day 13: Put in an encouraging message in your window, on your lawn or written out in sidewalk chalk to share with everyone who passes by.


Day 14: While respecting social distancing guidelines head out into your neighbourhood and pick up at least one garbage bag full of trash.